The CSGO betting market is expanding rapidly in the last few years.

That being said, it’s not the easiest thing to find a reliable website where you can feel safe with your funds in it. This is where our help comes in handy.

In this article, we will take a look at one great CSGO gambling website that stands out with simplicity.

Most of the providers in this niche try to stand out with heavy design and a bunch of features which can prove to be a bit too much.

SkinBet.GG keeps things simple. When you are on the main page you see the available live chat with all the users of the site on the left, and the offered CSGO gambling games with the available payment options at the top.

Straight, simple, and beautiful. We can’t say less about the website design.

Is SkinBet.GG Legit?

We have said in previous reviews that scam websites don’t survive more than a year. SkinBet.GG is created back in 2017. They even upgraded the version of the website and some of the features in April 2020.

The site runs on a secured SSL-encrypted connection and provides a provably fair proven system so you can be assured that you receive a fair CSGO betting experience.

Over the years SkinBet.GG has established a reputation as a reliable and stable CSGO gambling website.

You can also see this clearly with all the partners of the site on Youtube.

The Essentials of CSGO Gambling Offered

SkinBet.GG values simplicity so they have only two CSGO betting games.

However, they are one of the most popular so this is plenty for their users.

  • CSGO Jackpot – Probably the most popular gaming game in the CSGO gambling market. The players have between 1 and 3 minutes to wager their skins. The more valuable item you bet, the higher is your chance for winning. The game mode of the website is a bit different from the traditional one because it offers three different types of prize pool. These are:
    • High Roller which has the most valuable skins
    • 30 max which is in the middle
    • 5 max which offers only the cheapest skins
  • CSGO Coinflip – Definitely the simplest game out of all. The rules are pretty simple. You choose the skins you want to bet. The site shows you their value immediately and matches you with a player who offers similar value. Then, you will be assigned one side of the coin, blue or orange. The game shows an animation of the coin as it flips so you find the winner in a matter of seconds.

The games are protected by a provably fair system so you can be assured you are getting a fair CSGO betting experience.

SkinBet.GG Codes

The site offers a promo code which you can use after the registration to claim your free bonus.

How to Claim SkinBet.GG Free Bonus?

The process of claiming your free bonus is pretty simple.

After the registration, you need to click on “Affiliates” in the top menu and enter the promo code.

Available Payment Methods

The website is keeping the simplicity in the payment methods section too.

The available methods for deposit are:

  • Bitcoin
  • P2P
  • Ethereum
  • CSGO Skins

You can also use all of these methods for withdrawals, except Bitcoin.

Customer Support

The customer support needs mentioning because it’s doing a fantastic job.

If you have any problem you need to click on the “Support Center” button and you will contact them immediately via Freshdesk.

Final words

SkinBet.GG is one of the established CSGO gambling websites. The site has been operating since 2017 and has a big community of satisfied players.

The design is professional and the navigation through the site is very easy.

If you value simplicity and want to enjoy some CSGO betting without being overwhelmed, this is one of the best available options for you.