If you are a CSGO lover you probably have heard of the CSGO betting sites out there. Using these platforms is a great way to open some cases and have some fun.

However, you shouldn’t jump straight to the first option of CSGO case sites you see online. This is where our services can help you.

Today, we are here to review one of the most popular CSGO case opening sites – Hellcase.

Website Feeling and Design

When you arrive at the main page of the website you will almost surely be overwhelmed by all the available options.

It seems that there isn’t any free space and a bunch of features is dropped everywhere chaotically.

However, after you navigate through the site for a little bit you will find that it follows a simple pattern and the navigation is rather easy.

When it comes to the design we can only say “Wow”. Everything about the design is very modern and professional. Also, the animation is at the highest level.

All of this is also backed by the fast loading of the pages which makes the design complete.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can use the site in 13 different languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Hungarian
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Polish
  • Spanish
  • Romanian

Is Hellcase Legit?

Here comes the important question: Is Hellcase legit? The short answer here is yes, Hellcase is one of the legitimate CSGO gambling sites.

The platform is working since 2016 and over the years it has been established as one of the stable CSGO case sites.

To understand how popular Hellcase actually is you just need a peek into the live statistics of the site that are showing live on the main page. Hellcase has almost 9 million users that had opened more than 160 million cases!

If this doesn’t clearly show the legitimacy of the platform you can go to the social media accounts of the site.

There you will find hundreds of thousands of followers. The accounts are very active and engage the players frequently.

To wrap this question once and for all, we can say that Hellcase offers a huge variety of instantly withdrawable skins and the site runs on a secure SSL-encrypted connection.

Games and Features

Hellcase offers a lot of different games and features like different giveaways and events. However, we won’t cover them in-depth here as you can find all the relevant information on the site.

The other interesting games in Hellcase are:

  • Mixxer – This is an interesting feature where players select a few cases and combine them in one big offer. You can make your own mix or open the mix of another player.
  • CSGO Case Battle – Here two players deposit the same amount of money and open cases. Whoever opens items that are worth more, wins.
  • Upgrade – The upgrade is a popular feature among CSGO betting sites. You bet an item with the hope to upgrade it to a chosen more expensive one. The probability of this varies between 1% and 64%.
  • Wheel of Fortune – Here you can buy a few entries with a token. The wheel spins and selects a skin, then this skin is given to a random player.
  • Contract – You can trade the skins you don’t want for better ones.

Hellcase Codes

Hellcase provides a free bonus after you enter a promo code.

How to Claim Hellcase Free Bonus?

To claim the bonus you just need to click on the green plus icon at the top right corner of the page and enter the code.

Payment Methods

There is a good variety of payment options you can choose from, including the most popular:

  • BTC
  • P2P
  • CSGO Skins
  • G2A Pay
  • Skrill

Most of the withdrawals are made via CSGO skins and are processed instantly.


Hellcase is one of the most popular CSGO case opening sites in the industry. Many CSGO case sites don’t even get close to the popularity of this platform.

This is mainly thanks to the exceptional design and animations compared to the other CSGO gambling sites.

This is why recommend to taking a look at Hellcase and enjoy all the features and games of the platform.