If you have played Dota2 before, chances are you are interested in Dota2 gambling too. Maybe you haven’t noticed but this industry has been steadily growing in the last years.

There are a lot of scam sites out there so you must be careful where you put your money.

This is why today we will review one of the Dota2 gambling sites out there – Dota2Expert.

Website Design and Feeling

When you arrive on the main page you will be immediately impressed by the website design. When you navigate a bit through all the sections you will probably be even more impressed by the loading speed of the pages and the animations.

There are a lot of available features but everything is kept clean and it is really easy to navigate without feeling lost. On top of that, the site is offered in 11 different languages.

Among them you can find:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Philipino
  • Indian
  • Indonesian

Dota2Expert deserves the highest score when it comes to site design and navigation.

Is Dota2Expert Legit?

After you see what effort had been put into the design of the site, it’s only natural you ask yourself the question: Is Dota2Expert legit?

We will present to you all the available facts and answer the question.

First of all, the site has been established since 2018, scam sites never last this long as they are usually exposed in a few months.

The other two very strong factors are that all of the games run under a provably fair algorithm which guarantees your fair gambling experience.

You can check everything about the algorithm after you click on the “Fair Game” section on the platform.

Your details will also be safe as the site has an SSL-encryption.

Considering all the available information, we can say that Dota2Expert is a legitimate gambling site.

Gambling Games Available

The site doesn’t have an amazing variety of games but the essential ones are there. You can enjoy Roulette and Coinflip

The interesting thing here is that Roulette has 4 different playing modes:

  • Standard Game

In this play mode, a few players deposit their skins and the randomly chosen winner takes everything. Of course, the more you bet, the higher chance you have of winning. The minimum bet is $1.36 and there isn’t a maximum bet.

  • Low Game

This game mode is exactly like the standard but with lower stakes. The minimum bet is $0.01, the maximum $1.36. You may put in up to 10 items.

  • Fast

As the name suggests, this game mode is much faster. Allowed are only three players. They can bet everything in the range of $0.68-$10.90 and up to 10 items.

  • Hook Game

The hook game mode is exactly like the standard Roulette. You had three betting options that have respective payouts of 2x, 2x, and 14x.

Dota2Expert Codes

The site also offers the chance for players to claim a free bonus by using a promo code.

How to Claim Dota2Expert Free Bonus?

To claim the free bonus you just need to enter the code after registration.

Payment Methods

The site does not offer a variety of payment methods. To be frank, it offers only one and this is through Dota2 skins.

However, this can’t be a huge problem as the players are mostly coming from playing Dota2.

The good thing here is that the withdrawals are instant.


Dota2Expert is a Dota2 gambling site that combines an amazing site and animations with the essentials in the likes of Roulette and Coinflip.

If you like the game and you want some thrill this can be a great option you can choose.