Considering how the CSGO gambling industry is growing lately, you could find it hard to find a quality provider that can satisfy your needs.

This is why you should make your research and register only in established CSGO betting sites. We are here to help you with your choice.

In this article, we will review one of the newcomers into the CSGO gambling world – CSGOFly.

Website Feeling and Design

When you arrive at the main page you will be immediately impressed by the design of the site. It is obvious that there has been much attention to the details.

Generally, everything looks very simple and smooth.

Simplicity is one of the biggest problems when it comes to the CSGO gambling sites and you can often feel lost in most of the sites.

However, CSGOFly had done a great job here. Not to mention that the animations of the games and the functions are amazing.

To top this off, the pages are loading very fast, which is an essential feature for this kind of site.

Is CSGOFly Legit?

CSGOFly has been established in 2020. It’s always risky to trust new sites, especially in this industry.

However, we can undoubtedly say that the site is legit.

Here we can give a few facts about why:

  • The games on the platform run under the provably fair algorithm which assures your safe gambling experience
  • The co-owner of the site is JuicyCSGO who is one of the biggest CSGO lovers out there. He has a YouTube channel with over 50k subscribers and it is a trusted individual in this space.
  • The withdrawals are very fast
  • The site runs on an SSL-encrypted connection
  • It’s still a bit early to talk about that but positive reviews about the site can be found around the web

CSGOFly has great potential and we believe that the popularity of the platform will grow exponentially in the future.

CSGO Gambling Games in CSGOFly

One of the drawbacks of the platform is that it only offers 2 games. However, we should take into consideration that these games are 2 of the most popular in the CSGO gambling world and they were executed perfectly.

These games are:

  • Double – This is an innovative CSGO game but it is very similar to CSGO roulette. The rules are simple. You can bet on three options: “Terrorist”, “Counter-Terrorist”, and “Fly”. The first two options double your stake if you win. If you win betting on the third option your stake multiplies by 17x. This is why it is very similar to CSGO roulette, just with different names of the betting sections.
  • CSGO Crash – CSGO crash hardly needs any explaining as every player in the industry simply loves this game. However, if you are new the rules are simple. You place your bet and a multiplier starts growing every second. The goal is to cash out your winnings before the game crashes.

CSGOFly Codes

CSGOFly supports the use of promo codes. When you enter your promo code you will be credited with a free bonus.

How to Claim CSGOFly Free Bonus?

To claim your free bonus you just need to click on the “Free coins” section in the top menu and enter the promo code.

Payment Methods

The variety of payment methods in CSGOFly is simply amazing. We will list just a fraction of them here:

  • American ExpressApple Pay
  • Bank Transfer
  • BTC
  • CSGO P2P Trade
  • Paypal
  • Ecopayz
  • Visa

Final Words

CSGOFly may be a newly created platform but it definitely has the potential to become one of the best CSGO gambling sites in the industry.

When it comes specifically to CSGO crash sites we believe that this platform will wander around the top for sure.

CSGOFly is different from the typical CSGO crash sites as it focuses greatly on the payment methods and the experience of their players.